Washington State has a number of programs dedicated to providing health care coverage for low income residents. The largest single source for this coverage is Medicaid, which offers complete major medical coverage.  There are also other programs that offer more limited benefits. Services are available through managed care.

Healthy Options

The Health Care Authority contracts with health insurance plans to cover most of your medical care.  When you are enrolled in Healthy Options, you pick a plan and go to one clinic or doctor who will be your Primary Care Provider (PCP).  Your PCP will give you the care you need or have you go to a specialist.  Washington’s managed care Medicaid program provides comprehensive medical benefits to families, children under 19, and pregnant women who meet income requirements at no cost.

 WashingtonState Children’s Health Insurance Program (SCHIP)

WashingtonState’s CHIP is a medical program for children under 19 with family incomes too high for Medicaid.

Healthy Options Blind and Disabled

Beginning July 2012, non-senior blind and disabled Medicaid-eligible individuals will be welcomed into the Healthy Options program statewide for the first time